Osez le fer Ferronnier/Serrurier d'art

2018 © by Osez le fer.
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12 avenue lattre de tassigny
82300 Caussade
Craft :
In search of perfection of volutes and curves, this specialist manufactures or restores, in workshop, decorative elements made of durable material (wrought iron, cast, steel, brass...) If he makes copies of old works, he is also able to design original models. He plays on the forms, sets and colors. He then places the elements on the site.
Professional Career:

Since his 35 years of work, this metalworker worked in the two largest lighting companies (Delisle and Baguès) in Paris. He restored the chandeliers of the American Embassy, the ice gallery at the Palace of Versailles  and more...
Famous personalities have trusted his talent for some creations, especially an American actor who drinks coffee. But despite this notoriety, he remains close to the particular. From the simple lamp to the pergola, this ironworker has no limit and as he likes to say " the impossible is not, we must dare to do it (Osez le fer)".

To build, renovate his home, it's more than staying, it is to realize his dream, it's like making his house look like you. Ironworker, heir to age-old tradition  Osez le fer accompanies your inspiration and makes you share its unique creations.
Craftsman, Osez le fer anticipates advising you from the first stones laid and well beyond its work.
Couturier wrought iron, we let you stroll through the few photographs attached.
               Didier Binoist, Ironworker

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